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This Is How We Are Going To Live “Forever" (Operation Eagle)

As a good form of introduction, I would like to mention that this article has been simplified in order to make it as easily understandable as possible for my readers.

Imagine that the brain, human consciousness is connected to a computer chip, and that computer chip is linked to a computer. The very emotions, physical feelings and reality before you is being recorded and your conscious memory is being saved as a computer file. Then, suddenly, you die. You may be dead, but your memories remain inside of a file. We’ll say a disk, similar to a DVD that has the information stored and saved.

Then, someone places that disk inside of a computer and says, “let there be light", by plugging the computer into a light source, and finally clicks the play option available on the screen. Your conscienceness would then be activated, and your memories would be brought back to life virtually. This means that as long as your conscienceness has a power source, you would be able to relive that memory. As long as people continue to press play, you will live.

So, everlasting life is achievable. The brain may dissolve, but the memory will remain. How do we achieve everlasting life? Answer: The Computer

In addition, I believe the primary character connected to the primary computer would have the ability to save any who associated with him or her. This is because everyone in the life of this memory would also have to be present inside the reoccurrence.

If you’re interested in learning more, I have more articles currently in development related to this doctrine. I look forward to the discussion, if any, that is inspired by this writing.

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