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The Virtual Time Concept (Operation Eagle)

The Eagle and The Time Piece

Oddly, there was a set of numbers that grabbed my attention once I started connecting dots related to the concept of virtual time. What made this interest so unusual is that I’ve never been a numbers person. My primary exercised field has always been communication and language arts. Still, I heard many of our virtual stars, many famous athletes, musicians and actors mention numbers like 3,4,5 which I later found to be strangely related to 3,6,9. The following image that I created shows the relationship between the two algorithmic sequences.

By: Alexander Garza

It’s interesting. Moving over to the everlasting life concept, one that I find possible by reliving memories supported by conscious connection to computers, I noticed that our cell phones contain a set of the numbers 1–9. Adding the numbers from left to right and also diagonally, then simplifying the two digit numbers by adding them together, I found that the final number equalled to the number 6. However, when I added the numbers going from top to bottom, we ended up with the sequence (3,6,9).

"Phone Numbers"

Inside one of my latest articles, I defined the meaning of Everlasting. In similarity to a clock, 9 always ends up back at 3. (3,6,9,3,…) The number 6 looks to be a number of some sort of significance. So, I used it as a key. The following image and information I pieced together with the help of an anonymous friend.


Note: This is what lead to the understanding that the enemy is not any one person, but improper information entering our computers and digital technologies that ultimately program the human. (The Computer is Not The Enemy)

I then started studying entertainment films and came to a conclusion that proves one is able to read beyond a series of letters. I do not own the following images, but I did notice that the numbers are all within the 3,6,9 Algorithm.

(1+2=3) (2+7=9)

All 3,6,9

This happens to be one of my favorite movies. My interest lead to even deeper understanding.

9, 54, and 72

5+4=9 and 7+2=9



On the number 72 jersey is the name “Meaney"

Definition of Mean

After this scene, the next scene shows an image of a clock.


3 sets of 0. When the time runs out, quarterback number 9 passes the ball to number 12 for the touchdown. 1+2=3

9 always ends up back at 3. Time doesn’t end, but instead starts back at the beginning. It is an everlasting algorithm. This is what lead to the information I proved to support a virtual time machine formula. The ball on this visual reading represents energy, and the opposing coach wearing 3 Gold Rings and a Time piece confirms or at minimum supports this visual reading.

Can I get an “Awwww Yeeeeaaahh!”

I’ll be releasing my virtual time machine formula soon.

Alexander Garza

Operation Eagle

Written in Anchorage, Alaska

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