The Symbolism Behind “The Number Seven”

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3 min readOct 20, 2022
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The symbolic number seven is referred to in the Bible numerous times on numerous occasions. A few examples: It took our creator seven days to create the earth. Seven stars or seven churches are mentions in The Book of Revelations including Seven Plagues. It is stated the wise falls seven times and rise again. So what makes this number seven such a perfect number? It is October 20, 2022. Thanks for investing another short timeframe of your day to The Book of Alexander.

I have to be completely honest; I have a strange obsession with numbers that can be divided or simplified into increments of three and also odd numbers. To illustrate this message, here’s another set of basic math to slightly open your minds eye.

What two whole numbers equal to the number seven?

(3+4=7), (5+2=7), (1+6=7)

What do all of these equations have in common?

They all contain both an even and an odd number.

Now, I want you to picture any of the two whole numbers that equal to seven on a scale. It’s obvious that one number outweighs the other. So, you should be picturing an uneven scale.

It is written in proverbs chapter 20 verse 10,

“Unequal weights and unequal measures are both alike an abomination to the LORD.”

Key word = (Alike)

So why would God use an uneven number as a number representing perfection? I believe I have the answer.

I read a couple books over the weekend; one titled The Prodigal Son by Timothy Keller. The main idea of the short read covers a parable given by Jesus Christ; the story of two brothers. One brother is bad and the other brother is good. This is a perfect example of unjust weights, but even though one is bad and the other good, they are both equally at fault according to the third person in the story; the Father.

See, the thing is, you can’t love or worship one two ways of life at once, without a center piece to equalize them. This is also a fact according to scientology. Scientologists state that it requires a third person view to equalize differences between two conflicting views.

Sometimes, being the oddball or the odd number in life can finalize true correspondence. So why not have used three as the perfect symbolic number instead of seven? Not to get get weird or creepy on this topic, but in order to conclude this picture, I’m going to use the mark of the beast, “The number of a man” as stated in The Book of Revelations to support this idea. (6+6+6=18) 18 (1+8=9) Nine simplified to its base format is three.

The number seven is already at its base format. It cannot be simplified any further, leaving its center construct to hold three on each side of the scale as equals or “Alike”, yet both sides imperfect; seven being the center piece. This makes the center superior to both sides of the scale. Three and Three are less that seven. This represents that no side is above the creator.

I had a sense of peace when allowing myself to take a break from overwhelming studies, thinking and topics yesterday. Sometimes, giving your mind a day off from stress does its’ wonderous works, so I put this together for you in hopes that it can spark new and interesting ideas. I’ll have more political views headed your way soon. Until then, have a blessed evening.

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