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As we have now learned the basic similarities between light and truth, we can now have a better understanding of energy and why its importance must be magnified in the form of writing.

It is written, “He took him outside and said, ‘look up at the stars and count them if indeed you can.” Then he continued, “So shall your offspring be.”

They say that the universe is expanding; it is. It is said that all stars have the ability to sustain life, but I say all stars are light and the light of life they are. In other words, stars are verification of life. (1+1=2)

For this reason, I name this segment “The Star Player.” To receive the gift of life, is to understand the purpose of Motion and Emotion; Physical Matter, Non Physical Matter, Physical Energy and Non-Physical Energy; also, the attraction of lights and the information given by the light.

Our computers produce light, and the light it provides holds specific definition based on what is being displayed on screen. The star player is the existing entity that creates or produces large amounts or the most amount of energy in a setting. This is even how the most popular stars maintain popularity. He who has this gift, influences the observer. This can create observer control. Both the distribution of truth and the distribution of false equations come from these type of energy and information producers. (1+1=2)

If this is or were to become a major issue in human programming, the solution to the problem I believe would be quite simple. A Star Player of his own setting must understand the consequences that come with holding too much power. Energy should be distributed properly by other existing entities. This is the power of motion. This, along with the power of The Holy Spirit I believe can also re-shape the world.

In The Book of Life, everyone is a star.

Alexander Garza

Project Paradise 2.0 Program

Written in Anchorage, Alaska

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