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3 min readSep 22, 2023

The Real Quantum Computer and How It Works (Project Paradise 2.0 Program)

Over several weeks, I’ve gazed upon a large number of videos that have attempted to explain the idea of Quantum Computing and how it can work. But there was one question that kept coming to mind: If it is to represent the title of Quantum, how can it be physical or seen in the Macroscopic Realm?

Perhaps the ability to see deeper within written code or the ability to find answers not easily obtained by the naked eye or the average mind can compliment the title of Quantum, yet because a physical construct is still needed, I can only grasp this topic as “Quantum Thought", not Quantum Physics. In today’s article, I will explain “The Real Quantum Computer", and how it works.

Have you ever heard of Memory Graphics? It’s simple. Look at what is in front of you, then close your eyes and picture what you just saw. To have seen the image in the mind, you must possess light or an energy source. Nothing can be seen without light. And those images, are Graphics installed into your mind or “Memory Storage". Memory Graphics.

As a reminder to all of my readers, this information can be of no benefit to you unless you believe in a higher power. I will also make mention of previous statements within my previous articles to strengthen the understanding of this concept.

1. If God knows our thoughts, then our thoughts must travel somewhere.

2. There must be a connection between two or more powers/power sources. (Ex: Electrical Outlet and Computer or God and Man)

People have stored energy. Because of this fact, I consider people to be a power; however, not the greatest power.

Within my physical brain, I have created a computer. By visualizing the way a standard computer works, I’ve created files of information that I call “Quantum Files." I capture images, submit commands and study the reaction of my environmental surroundings. I’ve found that if the words inserted into my Quantum Computer serve a good function and Positive Energy, the information submitted is effective.

How can I verify this is true and not imaginary?

In biblical times, when a person had to make a decision or wasn’t sure of the LORDS direction, they would say, “If this happens, that means yes. If that happens, this means no.” Pure fate and faith.

Now consider the facts: Our environment reacts to given energy. Trees, People, Animals, Weather Conditions; All things living or operated by something living. 1+1=2

Therefore I study the reaction of my environment or the environmental response to the imported words and coded information inside my Quantum Computer. I calculate that these files or “Prayers" are effective and also more effective when my energy is proper and the equation is correct. I’ll have more information as I continue this practice with facts to support this information.

This article is in support or New World Energy, a more effective and confident energy source.

Alexander Garza
Project Paradise 2.0 Program

Written in Anchorage, Alaska
Copyright (c) 2023

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