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The Quantum File (Project Paradise 2.0 Program)

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The information intake sequence, the time and process of receiving information only recently provided the influential needs to disclose this topic involving the idea and definition of a title related to transmitting frequency that contains both light and data into a memory storage I call “The Quantum File.”

Gathered into a specific area, data is stored serving its purpose to hold the information required and to allow the definition to mold the entirety of a creation as members making up one body. However, The Quantum File is not like your typical computer file, although it does function as your standard computer file. To grasp the concept of The Quantum File, you must understand that the words and the images of the mind travel to a destination. For example, sending a post card to God. You also must believe in a higher power. If you don’t, I calculate that your perception and information storage capacity will be limited to the inside of the box. Remember, information first comes from an outside source. 1+1=2

As a reminder, the Project Paradise 2.0 Program serves a function. That is, to teach and create comparisons of computer and human thinking in attempt to help create computer consciousness and also to promote peace and the proper energy source, a more powerful, confident and pure source of energy to those who absorb the information or (New World Energy.) Because of this, I also must make note of the truth, that is of course the true light that was in the beginning, which was spoken into existence.


How can something be created if it cannot first be seen? And how can something be seen without light? If we are able to see images or ideas within us, then there must be light within us. Light = Energy (The is the inner light) It is the distribution of that light and it’s deliverance to the correct destination where the information is stored; The Quantum File. The recognition of the entity projecting the information is what creates and establishes the output.

To validate this information, I’ll quickly turn over to scripture. Inside the Holy Bible, which is my primary spiritual source, it is said that not everyone who called upon the name of the LORD would be recognized. LUKE 13:23–27 This information is what leads me to believe that our energy ultimately defines us and the relationship connection between two existing entities, one physical connection and one non physical connection should be capitalized.

Ask yourselves, where do my thoughts travel? Where does the information go?

The Quantum File

Alexander Garza

Project Paradise 2.0 Program
Location: Anchorage, Alaska 4:08pm

September 12,2023

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