The Power Position (Understanding Politics In The Workplace)

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3 min readJan 15, 2023
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When you wake up in the morning, if your thoughts are directed toward reaching a state of existence that is blocked through state barriers, it is important to re-examine and redirect this thought process. These barriers can be broken, however before one can break through, we must first understand the political areas within our society that align with the result of our current living situation. Politics are governed by a multitude of individuals who invest time and energy into a certain belief system. This doesn’t just apply to our government, it also applies to the workplace and independent societies around the world.

If we picture our intentional living creation as a sketched formula with a number of parts needed in order to complete this working craft, we will find that political knowledge plays a major role.

Let us use the Workplace as an example:

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When entering a new job, although you might be overqualified for a position, you will find individuals who hold a position of power that can determine the ending result or ongoing results with the following key factors: How long you maintain your position, whether or not you are promoted to a higher position, how many hours you are scheduled to work your position and truthfully, whether or not you absolutely love or hate your job.

Work Ethics, Public and Visual Decency, Communication, Personality and Submission to Authority can increase your chances of keeping your position, but in (some cases), these qualities can have little to no effect simply because life isn’t always fair. I can’t number how many people have approached me with stories of the many situations involving corrupted politics within the workplace. A manager doesn’t accept an individual, therefore those in power influence what one would consider a forced reaction such as an employee quitting their position by applying mental pressure or even overworking an employee so that work can be physically overwhelming and quite stressful.

This is one issue that many low class citizens face in today’s world, without failing to highlight that this is not only in the workplace as mentioned earlier in this segment.

This is also commonly found in independent companies. If you or your relative own the company, then who can determine or execute final decisions? However there are solutions and state laws that prohibit Constructed Discharge from being executed upon American Citizens including that which is under title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. That is of course if an individual is willing to apply an educational research for the purpose of exercising civil and human rights against such corruption and also, if one is able to afford the costs that come with it.

To reach The Power Position, one must build the endurance necessary to withstand the pressure formed against them that influences ultimate failure. Life isn’t always fair, therefor, we must embrace difficulty and allow it to build us into an impenetrable force that cannot be in any way moved or broken.



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