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3 min readNov 8, 2022

Good Morning people of the world. It is November 8, 2022 and today, I’m excited to present another educational medicine to those interested in becoming one of the 2% successors. Keep in mind, I myself am a student just like you; investing my time into something that will make me better, smarter, stronger and happier. You don’t have to be in school to be a student and everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.

So let’s start by asking the right question. What will I do to build and keep myself in a position of power?

What is power? In this article, power is defined as a force that with or without attention, cannot be stopped from its increasing velocity towards success. To achieve this state of advancement, we have to remove the weight placed over our shoulders that is slowing down the process and to do this, we have to identify the problem. Sometimes the problem can be ourselves, family, friends, laziness, addictions, or the way we think. Regardless of what that problem might be, there is no alternative way to reach this position of success. You have to remove this form of (Cancer) from your life.

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In a meeting last night with like-minded people like you and I, the head of the congregation made a clear point about these cancerous formats. He stated, “Cancer is a living organism that in similarity to humans, has the means to survive. In order for cancer to live its longest life, it has to kill its host.” This is very important information that can ease your walk in life. It is like trying to climb to the top of a huge rock, but someone his hanging on to your left foot trying to survive. In this circumstance, this “someone”, without question is going to bring you down with them. You might just have to use your other foot to knock him out from under you, otherwise your gone for good.

This leads to a good question. How much do you love yourself? The aftereffect of cutting someone off is good on both ends of this condition. For you, it is one less problem to stress about and you can gain more focus on what needs to get done or the next step. For the person on the opposite end, it can lead to questions like: Why did this person leave me? What am I doing wrong? This type of questioning is a good form of human nature and can ultimately lead to personal reconstruction.

It is written, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

So even though leaving someone behind may feel like a form of selfishness, it can also be an act of love. -AG

If you want to reach The Power Position, try this activity on your free time: Write down everything that you stress about and circle the ones you have the ability to eliminate. Take one step at a time and start working towards checking off that list. Thanks for reading.

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