The Power Position (The Art of Loneliness)

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A successful life sometimes requires a lonely process. Although separation can be painful and in many ways complicated, the significance of what this segment clarifies makes up for a large percentage of the blueprint being composed into this collection of integrated data. Understanding The Power Position means mastering The Art of Loneliness.

Picture yourself locked inside of a room for 365 days with the following necessities: A bed, a toilet, a shower head, cleaning products, food, a few books, a pen and paper. Now, an important question to ask is, What type of person do we consider ourselves? For a writer, or one who understands the notion of self development, this would be the perfect site for the influential gathering of fresh topics, or human recreation. For a majority, perhaps the large percentage of underclass or lowerclassmen, this might be viewed as a prison, or jail.

The first thing you would notice is the low number of people who would be willing to put their life on hold in order to meet your personal requirements which would now be considered a personal liability. Unless the majority of the people you interact with are in bind by a financial account, you’ll find this information to be reasonably accurate. The purpose of engagement with others is to Give & Receive and nothing more. We sometimes seek self-comfort, conversation, knowledge, money, pleasure, or simply someone to keep us from feeling alone in the world. To receive, you must give, but what do you have to give being locked inside of a room with only the essentials in demand to take care of yourself?


After this knowledge is processed and accepted, you will then face additional conflicts. One major conflict that goes by undetected is Boredom. What do we do with our time? What do we do with ourselves? These are healthy questions. Going from a walking cyborg constantly in connection with digital or media devices into a magnified human being, you will have no choice but to explore any human activity possible with what you have in the presence of your current simulation. You may not be into writing, but in time, you will eventually pick up that pen and paper. You may not like to read, but guess what? You will finish a book. You may not be spiritual, but you will definitely seek rewarded hope. Your small space will more than likely be cleaned spotless and every drop of ink within your writing utensil will be of high value.

In this example, the subject has benefited from Creativity of The Mind by writing, an Educational Increase by reading, Self-Satisfaction through mental processing, Spiritual Increase through hopeful meditation, and Technological Detox through the separation of digital devices.

The point being made is to help my readers understand that you shouldn’t give others the opportunity to determine whether or not you are happy or successful. Furthermore, it should be acknowledged that a person has the ability to experience greater increase from time spent alone compared to time spent with others. Once you understand that loneliness is a form of art, then you will be closer to understanding a Position of Power.

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