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The following information is a result of a “School Project” titled “Operation Eagle”.

I want to document this information in the easiest format possible, so that my readers are able to understand this knowledge without restriction. Often, we picture the world we live in as a computer or data device that contains and stores information. In relation to this comparison, it only makes sense that there would be a written code that creates and influences the function of a system.

Picture a Cell Phone as a world, and picture an Application as the creations within that world. Often, some software or applications have “updates” that have better written and upgraded code information. This allows the Application to work better, faster and temporarily fixes any “Bugs” inside The Application. In this example then, Cell Phone would be Earth and Applications would be systems that make the “World” go round.

Programs would be the people within the system of an application that operate according to the written code. A “Program” cannot operate under its own authority. It is written to act according to a singular purpose given by the creator of the Application. In other words, this would restrict acts of “Freedom” from being made within the Application.

In other cases inside the “Cell Phone”, 3rd party applications or “applications within applications” are applied in order to change, convert or manipulate the purpose of its written code. Here is an Example:

A Program has a Bug. (Program = Person) and (Bug = Alcoholism) The addition used to fix the “Bug” is an Application or Update with a system called “AA”. The Program now has an updated way of thinking or acting that allows it to act upon the system formula according to the “FIX” placed within the program. However, the reason these Applications require so many updates is because the Updates aren’t enough to fix the problem. This is why the people who are successful in AA are only those who stay in the program. They are not able to function properly without it. In order to fix the problem, one would have to Re-Write the Original Source Code that then, would allow one to restrict the errors from ever being able to happen in the first place.

But here is an interesting question : What if there was a Program within an Application that was able to re-write the code within the Application that was created from the original source code? One that could fix or eliminate bugs without being labeled as a “Bug”?

To reach The Power Position, one must be able to develop the knowledge to re-write the source code of a generated system.

Alexander Garza

February 13, 2023 (14:48)



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