The Power Position (Embracing Failure) By Alexander Garza

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2 min readNov 9, 2022
Facts : The Ace Card symbolizes (High Quality and Excellence)

Do we ever consider reconstructing new ideas rather than allowing them to implode entirely? Failure seems to be an opposing factor against personal contentment that many of us come up against at some point of our lives. Have you ever studied for a test, or practiced really hard for a soccer game final, or any other given scenario that requires effort under a state of affairs that clench onto a challenging reward? When we fail, we think maybe this was a waste of time. It can make us feel embarrassed, stupid, wasteful, lowly and pointless, but is this a good reason to abandon our craft?

Should we allow defeat, the opinions of others, or fear to hold us back from what we feel is entitled to us? Why allow what you’ve built collapse or exist without attention, like an abandoned building traveling through time unattended? Our ideas, abilities and creations can be edited and adjusted.

Example: If you pour juice into a bowl of cereal, it won’t satisfy those taste receptor cells that bring joy and smiles with deserved comfort that we enjoy so much. Maybe this would be lack of knowing for a child, just like us in a way. However, it wouldn’t be a reason to throw away the box of cereal or the juice, but instead, we could wash the bowl, add some fresh cereal, and try adding a different ingredient, in this case, milk. Then you would have the perfect cereal. :)

In a similar fashion, we should experiment and locate where we went wrong and try a new addition to the troubled formula so that it can run smoothly. We can always do better. So ask yourself, what can I do better this time? What can I do differently? What should I stop doing so that next time, I come out on top? We should ask ourselves these questions, even when we get it right.

Improvement is what demolishes the glass wall of confusion and doubt, taking us further than we ever thought imaginable. -AG

In your free time : Ask yourself what you love doing if you aren't already doing it. Then write down how you can improve by adding something new without taking away anything positive from your craft.


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