The Power Position (DO, and IT will happen/A Contribution to Society)

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2 min readDec 1, 2022
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We are all living in this functioning world. A System Function receives contribution by those within its society so that it functions properly. This is beyond self-reasoning and by promoting or encouraging yourself and others in relation to this principle, you are not only serving as a distributor of assisting action towards a greater foundation for yourself and others, but as a living example attracting the accumulation of wealth, you are contributing to the world as a whole.

Here’s why:

A business, City, State or Country cannot strive without the subjects needed to operate the systems within their program.

Example : Picture a phone application. A phone application is created through coding and other sequence formulas. Some of these applications require internet access or location services like Google Maps and other Apps. Without Internet connection or a pinned location, the location service application has little or no value. In the same way, contributing to society helps reach the justification of quality living. Without contribution, a society or person is broken.

We tend to forget that we live in a Physical World. Our thoughts picture the possibilities of our desired achievements within this life, yet, although they are possible, it feels like a puzzle or maze has us in a state of uncertainty. This leads into future failure. The answer to turning our ideas into a real life existence is to simply do it. DO, and IT will happen. However, it must be in the category of physicality and an addition to the System Function.

To reach The Power Position, you have to contribute to society.

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