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The Human Battery (Operation Eagle)

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Imagine a body of matter containing energy in motion; that which is living by the millions like cells and atoms in the human body or people living in a world. How could an observer pin-point one out of millions? There would have to be something unique about the specific atom or living entity in order to locate it.

Let’s just say The LORD observing us from up above, Amen. I would imagine that a connection would be a result of an amplified energy signal. I’m not talking about explosions and power, although that probably would make things easier, but the inner light, the proper equation. Take the true reason why Jesus Christ probably fasted as an example of increased inner light connection:

According to google facts, when a person eats certain foods, it can and will decrease neurons, which is a valued source of transmitting frequencies that eventually turn into waves. By not consuming these liabilities, one cannot doubt that transmission of thoughts or information would be strengthened. It is this type of energy along with the words we use whether it be verbally or through technological devices that define our inner light. 1+1=2

Our thoughts, words, and actions define our inner light. This light is not always physical, just like a person can picture a light bulb in their head. Although it is not physically there, it is still there.

Just as there is an inner and outer clock, so there is also an inner and outer light or energy source if you will. The outer light is the reflection of metals, silver and Gold in connection to the body. It is the forty-yard dash on the football field; the increased heart rate and heat coming from the body. Note: Without the inner light, the outer light counts for nothing.

Let us now relate this information to computer systems.

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When we speak, when we search; when we type, when we act; here, there is a moment of significance: Computer Processing

Before the output, which is the result of submitted information, this is the most effective moment of information processing. This is because it is the moment in which a computer is able to gather both the understanding of the information submitted and the characteristics behind the profile, or person who input the information.

The moment you click post, send, add, call, update or any submission of information, the moment in-between the click and the function is the area of importance. -AG

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