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The Expansion Of Light (Operation Eagle)

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Just to clarify this title, the Expansion is information growing inside of a box. The Light is Operation Eagle Information. The following information explains a breakdown of progressive definition being imported into world information storage units such as worlds, satellites, computers, phones and other technologies.

Information by: Alexander Garza

Information takes up space, just like everything around us is in fact information defined by verbal and graphical characters. A phone for example, has a storage unit that holds a certain amount of information. When you run out of space, you are left with the choice to either delete to make space for new data or reject the import.

In the image above, the SQUARE is the world, computer, device, the brain, anything that stores information. The CUBE represents new information coded with restriction boundaries that exist inside the information construct. Let us say for example (SSS) is the name of the cube.

Definition — (SSS) is food distribution. (NOTE) Any contamination of food does not apply, co-exist, or run concurrent with this defined title. (SSS)

The “NOTE,” is very critical information. The NOTE is a protective code that restricts outside information that cannot and does not apply to the purpose of the defined function. If the Box is expanding with more information, then it is likely that the box will get full. Surrounding information would then have to either be discarded or the surrounding information would have to change into qualified information in relation to the Box. 1+1=2

It is written, “A house divided within itself cannot stand.” -Jesus Christ

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