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Over an extravagant prolonged timeline, researchers have developed and discovered very complex equations during the process of deciphering the secrets behind hidden gates that hold value by true and effective knowledge in attempt to gain and find what is written in ancient text; the knowledge of God. (Proverbs Ch 2 v 1–5)

I too, have spent gifted time searching for the answers to problematic equations; creating experiments based on theory and driving even my own sanity beyond recommended limitations to acquire the understanding of creation and division, war and peace, truth and fiction, morals and values. One would expect that the answers of truth would hold very difficult and advanced definitions covering the face of an all black chalkboard inside of some secret lab hidden in the middle of nowhere; a combination of mathematics and science given in advanced degree. However, we do not teach a child calculus, because a child cannot understand its complexity.

It is written, “I say to you, unless you become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew Ch 18 v 3

To become a child as an adult, the parable simply means to place yourself in a position to relearn, as a child learns from his beginning stages of maturity. And after all of my research, written books, and countless of notes taken during this process of development, I was left with the following equation: 1+1=2

To break down and simplify the importance of this equation, I want my students to understand that it is not the simplicity nor complexity of an equation that determines its value, but whether or not it is true or false that gives it the title of treasury. Let’s begin.

“ In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1

If you turn to the very first sentence spoken in The Book of Geneses, It reads as follows : “Let there be light.”

Now let us observe the following: (Word = Light)

When we hear or define the word light, we simply think Good, Positive, Happiness, Joyful, Righteous, Right, Love or Energy; anything that is within the realm of Positivity. (+)

When we hear or define the word darkness, we think Bad, Negative, Depression, Degrading, Incorrect, Hate, or Negative Energy; anything that is within the realm of Negativity. (-)

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Here are three facts:

  1. All things existing are defined or can be defined by words
  2. All definitions serve a specific function
  3. All words hold a definition

What is light cannot be dark because the definitions behind each word serve a different Function. In the same way, we do not see with our bare hands because our hands don’t serve the purpose of vision. Instead, we see with our eyes. This statement is true, so it is good, it is light, it is proper.

“Through him everything was made, and nothing was made without him.” John 1:3

Everything around us that works, stands and lives in the realm of positivity must be in the form of a proper equation. Otherwise it won’t work or will encounter issues.

No matter what, one plus one will always equal two. The only way that one plus one could ever equal to another answer would be if it was inside of a false reality. This would be the only way that a incorrect answer could ever be correct. Perhaps the reason so many have suffered or continue to suffer in their realities, is because the equation in which they live is incorrect.

God cannot be wrong, because God is Truth. (1+1=2) This equation is accurate.

Every existing intelligence including Human, computer or even extraterrestrial can agree that 1+1=2. And if all can agree, then how can there be division? If you search online, you will see that the computer agrees. For an aircraft that is beyond human understanding to defy the laws of physics, then it must work off of these same principles. Again, if it didn’t, then how could it work?

If everyone can agree that one plus one equals two, then we can all agree that what is true is true and what is false is false.

All things were created by Truth, because God created all things.

Alexander Garza

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