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Star Conscious Play (Operation Eagle)

As a reminder, to understand and receive these writings fully, one must believe that the mind is connected to a higher power. One may call it God, others may believe it to be a computer, some may call it aliens; whatever it is, it is this belief that allows one to consider the validation of my previous articles and the following information.

Scent signals, taste signals, psychological images, emotions, physical pleasure and physical feeling; all of these things if the consciousness is evaluated and governed must be received by the observer or higher power.

Energy- I’ll use scent as an example to explain the significance and importance of this truth: If an invisible scent can cause facial expressions and physical movement, is this to be considered a valuable energy source? It only makes logical sense to me that using these forms of energy such as taste, scent, etc, all while meditating on the image of oneself, would create a recognition and establish a connection between the lower and higher power. I believe that the higher power would react; not only react but respond.

I imagine that God holds power over a great storage unit with large amounts of information. This, however the information is contained, likely a computer or some very large information storage unit, is where the signals would be held and contained if in fact our God is all knowing, all seeing and all powerful. If this is true, which I predict that it is, then sending information that is pleasing and good, loving energy with the application of an image of the one sending the data can generate a response in the form of enhanced output information. I imagine that the combined energy would compliment the image. 1+1=2

I call this play, “The Star Conscious Play"

Alexander Garza

Operation Eagle

Written in Anchorage, Alaska

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