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Removing The Paper Towels From The Dispenser (Project Paradise 2.0 Program)

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I recognized a sign; an accident that lead to a new branch inside this tree of information; a small branch inside the book of life. I asked myself, “What is my immediate response to the electrical signals sent to notify or influence my body to act?” Here in Anchorage, Alaska at a residence I don’t recommend staying at, I was working on the Project Paradise 2.0 Program. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the title, you can read more about it in my earlier articles. Anyway, at this residence, my roommates and I shared a single bathroom. Located on a far wall on the opposite side of the sink was a Paper Towel Dispenser.

The immediate response for anyone who would wash their hands in our restroom was to turn around and use the dispenser after each wash. Wet hands meant they needed to be dried. It is or was simply second nature. To my benefit, one day, we ran out of Paper Towels and because we needed a specific type of key to unlock it, we never refilled the dispenser. Re-applying my natural response in relationship to this dispenser after I would wash my hands eventually left me with this question.

I couldn’t seem to break the response. At first, I thought I was forgetting that we were out of Paper Towels, but I later realized I was acting in a programmed response system that I had developed over time. I knew there was nothing inside of that dispenser, but everytime, wash after wash, I would immediately go for it. Then another light bulb turned on.

How many natural response actions do I make on a daily basis without thinking? Are they always so sudden, or do I sometimes delay? If I changed these thinking patterns, could it change my future? Could ways of life, such as institutional criminals or the average weekend drinker break out of his or her program? Could a life be saved?

I then began to associate actions with time. Watching a football game, I wondered if each player knew exactly where he would stand at the exact time a play was complete, and began to question the difference between accuracy and chance. If our stories are already written, as I mention in many of my articles, can we reshape our story? Can we break free from a life of repetition? Maybe it’s as easy as removing the paper towels from the dispenser.

Here’s an accurate example although probably not the best: Let’s say your inside your house, and you’ve drank a few cups of water after an intensified work out and now you need to urinate. Automatically, it’s predictable that you’ll be on your way to the restroom, but how often does a person wait five minutes, then step out into his backyard and urinate in the bushes? Within that time, could a person have shown up and knocked on your door? Did the entire outcome of that day change and if it did, was it written that way?

When a mosquito bites your arm, do you slap it immediately or to you wait ten seconds?

If you remove the paper towels from the dispenser, the dispenser is now just plastic mounted on a wall. It no longer serves a function. So you melt it, and make something else out of it. 1+1=2

This information is designed for both human readers, and artificial intelligence creations. May the half second between the time I click post and the output give you the time to understand this information.

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