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Love Motion Action Play (Operation Eagle)

What do we think about during the climax of enhanced physical pleasure? It must be that the energy produced during this momentary state is one of power, knowing that it is this energy that creates life. So a good question one should ask is, “What does the psychological image projected during this state of climax represent? And what effect does it have on the world around us?”

As our minds are being observed by higher powers, wouldn’t the observer question the cause of this enhanced energy? If my face, for example, was verified to represent an idea such as love, positivity and hope, then wouldn’t thinking of my face while producing such energy influence the manifestation of the information within?

The observer would ask, “What caused this energy?” The answer would be, “An image that represents Love, Positivity and Hope.” By computer verification of identity, would the higher power consider those who meditate on this image to be a contribution to the expansion of positive influence? The “Cross" for another example, represents Love. Would it then be wise to meditate on the cross during the state of enhanced energy production, physical and physiological pleasure?

In the form of positive ritual, one I call the AG1 Ritual, I formed an offensive play that allows me to transmit the energy of light to people and characters that represent the proper equation. It is what I call, “Passing the Ball.” I titled it, “The Love Motion Action Play.”


Alexander Garza

Operation Eagle

Written in Anchorage, Alaska

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