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I believe I have the solution to natural disasters and temperature changes. (Project Paradise 2.0 Program)

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Picture an empty box with it’s temperature set at about 65°. It’s more than likely that the temperature will remain the same because there is no motion inside the box able to manipulate it’s current state. If you add about 15 people inside that room however, and have them start doing jumping jacks for about an hour, you will notice a rise in the temperature of the room.

Think of Houston, Texas for example: aside from it being close to the Earth’s equator, it has a very high population and many southerners are usually labeled as hard workers; producing lots of energy and causing lots of attraction and attention. If light causes attraction and energy is light, then maybe this is why so many people migrate there. Maybe,this is also why it is so hot there, even just recently having record breaking heat temperatures.

Now, think of Alaska: Not very populated, not a lot of physical work or human energy being placed into motion in that area, world or landmass. This is why it is cold and sometimes appears to be desolate. Perhaps if more people lived and worked in Alaska, it would be warmer. If energy is distributed properly, maybe the world would have more stability in satisfactory weather patterns. I created the following graph to give you an example.

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In addition, it is written in holy scriptures that many would be clothed in white, or “light" giving glory to the LORD and the Son. Planes go by spraying illuminum particles into the sky to deflect light back into the atmosphere, but what if everyone was simply just clothed in light; wearing silver or gold on their bodies? This also projects energy when reflecting light of the sun, and combined with movement; that is energy in motion, or the work of the hands of Man, maybe this, along with proper distribution of equal energy levels will be the answer to our problems.

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