How Divorce Impacts Culture and Influence on Societies Future

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4 min readSep 14, 2022
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The end result of relationships should never be determined by our emotions. Emotions are like a stock market graph; they are never stable. One moment we are happy, next moment we are frustrated and the list can go on forever because change is constant. I mentioned in one of my other topics about how we connect with our surroundings and how the energies directed to us by words, sounds etc., effect our responses and actions in life, but what about our emotional stability inside marriages and relationships?

It seems almost impossible to remain in our most desired emotion consistently without it being interrupted by another emotion. Here’s an example: In a relationship you are in love, but sometimes you are in argument and arguments often lead to anger, aggressiveness, tears, distance from one another and over a nights rest, you are in love again. It doesn’t take a Masters Degree to learn simple facts such as the amount of divorced marriages have increased by a substantial amount over the years. Like many others, I find these conditions to be alarming and I personally highlight the importance of finding a solution to this problem.

How divorce negatively impacts culture and its’ influence on societies future is without a doubt a wound in need of medical attention, so I’ll focus on the basics.

Here is an equation to clarify this image :

Instability of desired emotion = (Emotional Stress)

Emotional Stress x Recurrence Amount = (x amount of stress increase)

X amount of stress increase leads to refusal of what caused emotional stress. In this case, marriage. This leads to divorce.

The solution is simple. The two subjects in this calculation must understand the threat of potential variables that can result from applying divorce into their equation. One variable can have multiple subjects and multiple subjects can result in new born subjects that influence a change in purposeful adaptation. Allow me to place the emotional topic on hold for a moment ad focus on the mental force that influences change on our society because of divorce.

A subject who is not educated on the purpose of marriage or is raised by separated parents is programmed only by what information is given. This makes the subject adapt to this as normal and it becomes a natural moral view. Perhaps the subject becomes a public figure and influences a multitude of subject to have the same views, what does this equation lead to? If subject A grows up with 2 subjects and subject B grows up with only one, then each subject holds a different mental program.

Mental Program = (Developed View)

How many times has subject B strayed from subject A because of his or her programmed understanding and subject A reacts in emotional actions that result is violence or murder? Or how many subjects acquire sicknesses and spread these sicknesses due to multiple partners and lack of this basic knowledge? Just recently according to the daily news, 15,000 medical employees walked off the job at 16 hospitals Minnesota just recently. While human population increases, the average people who refuse to work also increase including those in the medical field.

Adultery is an immoral action that leads to sickness, violence, and even murder. Personally, I believe anyone who promotes and supports divorce or adultery should understand why this is not good for societies future and why its’ continuation must not be tolerated. It was written,

“He who divorces his wife causes his wife to commit adultery and she who divorces her husband causes her husband to commit adultery.” -Jesus Christ

The Lord says, Man must treat his women with respect and love them continuously and women must submit to their husbands. For this is a direct order from the LORD. Blessed is he who reads and understands.

I value the importance of teaching young men and women to love one another and to take care of each other. Understanding the importance of working hard to keep their commitments healthy is critical to our societies future. Returning to the emotional view, we must understand that seeking constant happiness leads to disappointment. Therefore, wait patiently, for the time comes when we will no longer be given in marriage, but instead, will be as angels in the kingdom of heaven. Enjoy your love for one another, for there is still time. Just keep in mind, he comes at an hour we do not know. Thanks for reading. -Alexander Garza

September 14, 2022



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