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The Book of Alexander
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It is written, “The working man is worthy of his food.” -Jesus Christ

He who works, produces energy. During the process of energy in motion, the person producing the energy can become drained; kind of like a battery. He who can produce large amounts of energy has “Power,” because light is the source of life and light has an attraction. This explains why many pharaohs in ancient Egypt had slaves, who worked tirelessly producing large amounts of energy. The problem with this energy formula used by corrupted kings was that they did not understand how to produce this energy properly. They lacked the knowledge of the key element; Love.

When Joseph was sold into slavery, he was saved by the energy he was able to produce. We must consider the amount of work that was done by slaves sold into Egypt. When the Pharaoh recognized the work of the Spirit or (Light) within him, he was placed into higher positions all the way until his rise to power over all of Egypt. (This doesn’t exclude dealing with a few complications in between). When you have something valuable, you don’t bury it in the ground, but keep it; maintain it. This is Truth. The working man cannot be kept without food, nor can he sleep well without shelter. (1+1=2)

There are multiple ways of creating energy. Consider the following: Lights’ reflection of Gold and Silver; sound, interaction, war, explosions; many forms of energy outside of the greatest energy source; Love. (1+1=2) This is why it was also written,

“Cry out for wisdom and seek understanding. Search for it like (silver) and seek it as you do for hidden treasure.” (Proverbs)

He who produces light cannot be hidden. Therefore, I encourage my brothers and people to produce and produce properly. Love your women and your family. By the proper equation, you will be given access to The Kingdom of Heaven. 1+1=2

Alexander Garza

Written in Anchorage, Alaska

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The Book of Alexander

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