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During the Process of Engagement with potential customers over the years, I developed a basic formula combined with a short list of guidelines that can increase the chances of closing sales. In the organized graph below or (ORG), you will notice 3 separate sales tactics that form a stable relationship with the over-all purpose of sales contribution titled Law of Sales.

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Each of these subjects hold specific values when defined and applied during the sales process.

Quality Sales

The definition of Quality Sales is this: To understand the difference between selling a product or service and selling the (quality) of a product or service. When speaking with a customer, you will sometimes be asked for a set price before giving a visual or verbal presentation of quality.

Example : A customer is in the market for a moving service. The customer asks for an estimated price on a 1500 square Ft 2 bedroom apartment moving 10 minutes up the road. The representative or (REP) gives an educated estimation of $1000.00 for the total cost of the move.

The customer hears the given number and decides to scope out different options and see if there is a company that can offer a more affordable price. This REP has now given a competing REP, or (Competitor) the opportunity to steal this customer based on price.

The customer speaks to another service provider and asks the same question, however this REP decides to first go over the services provided. Home Protection, Furniture Protection, The Moving Process and Company Accomplishments. Then he gives the customer a set price of $1200.00 and closes the sale.

This is why it is important to deliver quality before ever mentioning a price. Price is given at the very end of the presentation.

Relationship Development

Trust is a key component that stabilizes a firm, long lasting relationship with customers. By taking the time to get to know your customer, it can help you identify Customer Needs. The main idea behind this rule is to create stability in reoccurring sales. If you have a good relationship with a customer, your customer is likely to return for another transaction. So try and take your time to get to know your customer in business related aspects and build necessary trust. It will be good for business in the long run.

Realistic Closing

One thing that we can all agree that product or service providers try to avoid is Accumulated Fires. By this, I mean avoid the development of angry customers. This can be a major head ache employees, distracted employees from Primary Focus, lead to Bad Reviews, and scare away customers. This is why it is important to go every detail with complete honesty and security, so that there are no confusions after a sale is closed. Never lie to a customer; it is bad for business. If a customer cannot afford the service, move on to the next customer. Be realistic with yourself and with your customer.

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