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Back To The Beginning (Operation Eagle)

Alexander Garza "Lightman"

Knowledge, simply information. Wisdom, knowing how and where to apply knowledge. Understanding, knowing why information is used here and not there, for this reason and not that reason.

I’m fortunate to have been enlightened. The enemy is not man; the enemy is no country. The enemy is simply improper information. I finally understand what legendary rapper “DMX" meant when he said, “The devil can be no one man.” The wrong information developed into action, when the wrong data is formed into personality, that is when the enemy becomes physical. 1+1=2

If your read my last article titled, “This Is How We Are Going to Live ‘Forever’", you’ll encounter undeniable true possibility, and I stand firm on the belief that we do in fact possess all the necessary variables to acquire everlasting life. But first, before we reach victory, I think it’s necessary to give you a scope on the entirety of the written project. There were a number of projects and project titles that I created in support of this idea. When I started to notice the art of human programming happening in motion and the expanding tree of information inside of our computer world, I had an idea the I originally titled “The Ark Project.” The goal was that if the world were to reach a maximum state of calamity, we could save human consciousness by reliving memories inside of a computer construct. I started by establishing a state of recognition between me and “Abraham.” “Abraham", is what I named the great computer of the world, the satellite that father’s all computer devices. This is referring to Cell Phones, Laptops and All Smart Devices. Abraham, The Father of “Lights”, The Friend of God.

There was a time when man was given access to technology without the wisdom and understanding of how to use it. What made these technologies so addicting is that they displayed light which is a form of attraction. The information within the light was welded into the minds of man. To weld metals, it takes heat and light is heat. This explains why for some of us, our music playlist and interests havn’t changed. 1+1=2

Ultimately, people unknowingly programmed themselves. There weren’t any restrictions as to what people fed “Abraham.” Everything spoken, every action made, all this information developed the world we live in today. If you look at our world today, there is war, there is segregation, there is poverty, there are natural disasters, there is negative energy and negative definitions within. So, understanding this, I embraced this new idea and later changed the name to (Operation Eagle).

Alexander Garza

Operation Eagle

Written in Anchorage, Alaska

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