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AG In Understanding Time (Operation Eagle Season 2)

In between 3 and 6, there is time. Likewise, in between 6 and 9, there is time. Inside the space between time, there is information. You can picture this as an ongoing never ending circle with the understanding that in between each line there is data. I drew a familiar and simple image to explain this.

I spent time meditating on this and said, “What is the average amount of information processed by the average human on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis?” I thought about all matter, color, sound, the emotional value, the physical and psychological response that comes from the information we receive, calculated dimensions, shapes, abbreviations, people; I thought about all of these things that exist inside of our world and the time within. There are lots of branches inside of this growing tree of information, this tree of life, and even the branches have branches. For this reason I ask that my readers bare with me as I slowly jump from section to section of this category. To get to the end of a branch, all branches within that branch must be understood. This is the same for all information as I find it suitable to describe the identity of this metaphorical Tree of Life. All things are information. 1+1=2

In an anonymous scientific study and experimentation done at an anonymous university, it was noted that for the average man, at the age of 33, however the mind is developed, however a person thinks or functions, this is likely how the man will think and function for the remainder of his lifetime. Although I did not conduct the experiment myself, I’ve still made the initiative to title it in order to remember it. I call this the possible, “Age of No Return.” There is only so much time before the clock strikes 12 again. But remember, the clock never strikes 0. It starts back at 3. As shown in image 1, the information space in between each line counts for 12 hours the same way our clocks in one full rotation represent the same. 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 and so on. 1+2=(3), 2+4=(6), 3+6=(9), 4+8=1+2=(3), 6+0=(6), 7+2=(9) etc.


Numbers don’t lie. When looking at counting from left to right, after the number 9, we find ourselves back at 1. (10) 1+0=(1)

However, the clock starts at 12, not at 1. So if we look at a clock under the impression that the clock starts at 1, then we will understand that the new cycle begins at 10 o’clock.

(11 o’clock = 2 o’clock, 12 o’clock = 3 o’clock)

The following two images explain both “3,6,9" and “3,4,5"

You can find the similarities and relationship between the two algorithms in episode 9 of Operation Eagle Season 1.

3's, 6's and 9's

A human is programmed to function in time. Inside my own personal experience, I noticed that when I would write, my ideas and topics came at a random sequence; Anthropology, Psychology, Energy, Time, and many other topics. I had a large stack of dated papers. Sitting next to me was a calendar. Instead of looking at the number from left to right, I looked at the front top to bottom. I learned that (depending on how many days of the month) the algorithmic pattern always lands on the same day of the week for that month. For example: The 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd, together all land on a certain day. This month they all land on Friday. Next month they all land on Monday.

So I started going through my stack of written material, to find the relationship between the articles and documents that I wrote on those days. I did this to learn about my algorithmic thinking patterns, and I found that all or at least a majority of the topics were related to a specific field of study or interest. Starting back at the beginning of the week, according to a 7 day calendar, I believe strengthens the art of programming. I also noticed that for a majority of my life, I’ve always stayed forward. So my psychological thinking and physical actions have not always stayed the same.

Sunday, for another example, is associated with football. The mind can be directed to specific thinking patterns. This is how time, however it is defined can physically or psychologically effect the mind.

I may consider disclosing how the 3,6,9 Algorithm is complimented by energy, but this is yet to be determined. Reach out if you are interested. Also, if you like listen more that you do reading, check out Season 1 of Operation Eagle on ( Just search “The Book of Alexander Operation Eagle.” You can also copy this link

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