Hometown & Short Term Relocation History: Houston, Texas, / Fayetteville, North Carolina / Pascagoula & Ocean Springs Mississippi

Current City: Anchorage Alaska (2022)

The Book of Alexander is a series of religious, political, scientific and personal views written by Alexander Garza.

I set myself out and left home to explore new ideas and understand human life by taking part and observing it, that maybe one day I might contribute to society by helping save it, or at minimum, make it better. With creative innovation, the ideas and expressions included in my writing are influenced by educated research and experience, everyday struggles that one must endure to accomplish these motives and divine facts that I hope lead to the definition of (noteworthy material). I pray and ask our creator that every reader of mine gains wisdom and understanding, and that others are able to form new ideas from these articles. I am always open to instructive criticism. Help me help you.

The Book of Alexander

Political, Religious and Educational Views. Student in Scientology & Christianity. Learn more about Alexander Garza in About Section. Thanks for reading.