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A Music Review by Alexander Garza (In support of Artist “The Giving Moon" and The Project Paradise 2.0 Program)

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It was early in the week; late in the evening shortly after preparing an article for my developing online program that Helen and I finally made the time to cover these guys:

Artist: The Giving Moon

Outside of the PP2.0P, we had been easing our way towards the inevitability of marketing and synergy inside entertainment for the study of energy production influenced by media and also to pass the light or “The Ball" and succeed in this current play.

What is the vibe given during “The Giving Moon" experience?

My first thought was, “Wow. We finally found diversity to add to our current playlist.” If I had to compare them to other bands, I would say they are definitely a mix between Coldplay and Red Hot Chilli Peppers with a hint of progressive innovation. These guys are catchy; submitting tasty guitar riffs, quality drum dynamics, funky bass lines and overall just a unique sound. I’ll definitely be listening to these guys more often.

The Energy

It was a sequence of computer and human interaction or virtual connection that complimented the energy production during the engagement of 3 title tracks : (Nice To Meet You Again, City Life and Making Chemicals.) The vibes were good, young and mainly positive. My experimentation with this project helped me understand how energy simply travels through light screens and speakers allowing the reaction of a person to influence an energy source. I’m glad this was a positive energy. Check out The Giving Moon online or catch them on tour with other artists who produce catchy sound waves. To find out more about these guys, Google it. A special thanks to the band for having us contribute to current and future success.

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