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A look at Human Identity and Characteristics

To those unable to change the characteristics and identities created in previous moments in time, don’t worry. If these things are written, they can be adjusted.

Let’s consider the following:

  1. Implemented information in time transmitted in the form of subliminal

2. The placement of information by increments leading into reality by manifestation (Both Intentional and Non Intentional)

A piece here, a piece there, with a little bit of patience and planning; perhaps an unrecognized hidden agenda or simply given information unrecognized but still planted into the human brain by vision and sound. I’ve began to establish a solution; a defense system to protect the identity and characteristics developed by influenced actions leading into false perception and false judgement created during the process of human maturity.

Allow me to clarify this statement with an undeniable example: 1+1=2

Let’s pretend that an existing influential entity composed a song that turned the heads of countless of people in the industry of his profession. The song was distributed onto multiple online platforms. The artist who composed the song wrote the piece during the educational process of spiritual understanding. The artist was young and still learning the walks of life. Then suddenly, a few years later, the young artist dies. And years after, his music is still being distributed to the masses promoting a song written in a false equation. The song was composed in a moment of time, but the artist later changed his way of thinking and because of an unexpected occurrence, he was never able to justify his words. If he is no longer alive, how can his words be justified? Can we give attention to the messages given us inside the media and recognize the equational status? If so, can we justify the characteristics and identities of these people by truth and understanding? Inside The Project Paradise 2.0 Program, there is salvation for those unable to justify given information due to “A Moment In Time.”

Alexander Garza
Project Paradise 2.0 Program

Anchorage, Alaska
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The Book of Alexander

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